White Swiss shepherd

The ideal family dog

White Swiss shepherd

The White Swiss Shepherd is a medium-sized dog who, thanks to his very nice character, will be the whole family’s ideal companion, be it grandparents or grandchildren.

The white Swiss shepherd is not yet a very well-known breed as it has only been recognized by the FCI for a few decades.

His robust health makes the White Swiss Shepherd a breed dog that stands out from other purebred dogs. This constant balance can be explained by the fact that from the very beginning, the development of the breed has been very strictly controlled.  Health should always be an essential selection criterion for any rigorous professional breeder.

Linde’s White Wolves is a top breeding place, worldwide known for the good health of its dogs and puppies.

Extremely gentle character

White Swiss shepherd

The main reason why Linde’s White Wolves’ breeding dog farm stands out from other places is that only dogs that meet the selection criteria following tests carried out and approved by specialists will be chosen as breeders.

A healthy white Swiss shepherd will not suffer from dysplasia or degenerative myelopathy (DM – a degenerative neurological disease that can cause paralysis of the hindquarters) and is not a carrier of the MDR1 gene (‘Multi Drug Resistance’, also known as ABCB1, a gene that can cause symptoms of neurological intoxication due to drug sensitivity or even allergies).

Securing the continuity of the breed is an absolute priority and can be done by ensuring the dogs’ good health, which will make their masters happy too.

White Swiss Sheepdogs available

Linde’s White Wolves is centrally located for both national and international customers. Our farm is located in the backyard of Pairi Daiza, just 1 hour from Brussels Airport and 2 hours from Calais or the UK. We are happy to speak to you in Dutch, French, English and Spanish.

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