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White Swiss Shepherd puppies

Puppies available

All puppies are born in the whelping room next to our living room. During the exploratory phase, when they take their first steps, they move with the mother to their natural surroundings on the grounds around the house. In a beautiful outdoor park with little wooden houses and a natural surface, they can play and run around to their heart’s content.

Promoting health

Research indicates that this way of raising them promotes healthy development.

  • Balance between growth and muscle development
  • Prevention of elbow and hip dysplasia

We carefully control the genetics of our puppies and external factors such as living conditions, nutrition, etc. To keep them in excellent health, our breeding facility is closely followed by a team of experts with both veterinarians and laboratories.

We avoid disturbing conditions such as slick floors, an unnatural surface or stairs at all times. We do not use kennels. The dogs get maximum freedom, although we also provide the necessary structure.

Socialisation process

Our dogs and puppies live alternately outdoors in the pack and indoors among us. The result is balanced, intraspecific socialisation. And in the living room they get used to the sounds, scents and colours of the modern world. But the socialisation process goes further than that.

We also bring the puppies into contact with other people, children and different surroundings frequently. We let them get used to short car rides too.

Puppy Package

This is what you can expect when you purchase a puppy

Our puppies are well socialised and completely healthy.

They are

  • chipped
  • vaccinated
  • dewormed
  • fully checked by the veterinarian.

They have

  • a familiar toy
  • an international passport
  • a health guarantee
  • an official FCI pedigree from the KMSH
  • an internationally recognised DNA test.

We are available for support and advice for the life of the dog.

Our White Swiss Shepherds, of the long stock haired type, are limited in number. We work with a waiting list for reservations.

Requirements for purchase

We want to give our dogs a wonderful home. Therefore we set certain conditions for the purchase of a puppy from our breeding facility:

  • Adequate space and time for your dog
  • Attention to a healthy and balanced diet
  • Education and a positive mindset

A White Swiss Shepherd is not a ‘lapdog’. Despite its good nature and ideal disposition, this dog needs adequate attention and regular exercise.

The Puppy Academy

Full service for international clients

Our Puppy Academy provides the first weeks of training for your new puppy. This is especially advantageous for international clients who are taking their puppy abroad.* We also arrange for all the import/export papers for you.

* Recent legislation specifies that puppies that are going abroad must be vaccinated against rabies. This vaccination takes place at 12 weeks, with 3 weeks of incubation time. This means that we take care of the primary socialisation phase and part of the secondary socialisation phase.

Fulltime puppy training includes

  • intraspecific and interspecific socialisation
  • housetraining
  • learning to understand the first commands (obedience training)
  • bench training
  • grooming
  • car rides.

The training lasts 4 to 7 weeks, and is intended exclusively for puppies from our own breeding facility.

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