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The Puppy Academy

Full service for international clients

Our Puppy Academy provides the first weeks of training for your new puppy. This is especially advantageous for international clients who are taking their puppy abroad.* We also arrange for all the import/export papers for you.

* Recent legislation specifies that puppies that are going abroad must be vaccinated against rabies. This vaccination takes place at 12 weeks, with 3 weeks of incubation time. This means that we take care of the primary socialisation phase and part of the secondary socialisation phase.

Fulltime puppy training includes

  • intraspecific and interspecific socialisation
  • outings to the city
  • housetraining
  • learning to understand the first commands (obedience training)
  • bench training
  • grooming
  • car rides.

The training lasts 4 to 7 weeks, and is intended exclusively for puppies from our own breeding facility. Contact us for more information.