Linde’s White Wolves

Passionate about the White Swiss Shepherd

The knowledge that makes the breeding program of Linde’s White Wolves so unique was passed on from mother to daughter. I grew up in the middle of a healthy, alternative dog farm where love for the animal was always central.

Who am I?

I got the passion and love for the White Swiss Shepherd-breed from my mother. I studied violin and composition at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels, where I got my Master in music, composition. At the same time I took teacher training in California with horse whisperer Monty Roberts and did a short research course at the Free University of Brussels. I still train young horses, and wild horses from nature reserves in a non-violent way daily. The basis of my training method? The communication that develops between human and animal by observing the natural ‘language’ of the animals.

As an ethologist and composer in a liberal profession, I have a flexible work and time schedule, so I can devote a great deal of attention to raising, socialising, training and pampering our puppies. For the practical side I studied cynology and genetics at the Belgian Kennel Club (Union Royale Cynologique Saint Hubert).

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Passionate about the White Swiss Shepherd

Family-run breeder

Linde’s White Wolves is a family-owned breeding facility that my partner and I run together. Although my partner works elsewhere and has many responsibilities, he still always finds enough time to provide the necessary facilities. That ranges from building a suitable whelping room to building exclusive insulated little wooden houses and paddocks in which the mother can isolate herself from the pack with her puppies.

We choose a breeding facility without kennels. Although we provide the right structure, we also give our dogs maximum freedom.

We explicitly choose to participate in competitions only occasionally and to fully integrate the dogs into our daily life. In our free time we explore nature together with our White Shepherds, at the ocean and in the mountains. We take long walks in the surrounding woods, and the dogs can have fun in the water in nearby ponds and quarries. They also often go along to our stables. They think it’s great to herd horses, watch the horse training, splash around in the mud and tag along during an outdoor ride.