Linde’s White Wolves

A breeding programme with passion, love and respect for the White Swiss Shepherd

Linde’s White Wolves

Linde’s White Wolves is a professional but also family-owned breeding programme of White Swiss Shepherds.

Linde’s White Wolves is an internationally  renowned breeding program of White Swiss Shepherd dogs with a base in Belgium and a second residence in the mountains of the Basque Country.

The reason we choose northern Spain has everything to do with the nature, space and freedom the dogs enjoy over there. Our estate in the Atlantic Pyrenees, a stone’s throw from San Sebastián and Biarritz, is indeed our dream spot for our White Shepherds. They run around in a huge natural park where also our numerous horses grow up in freedom.

Knowledge and professionalism are paramount in our breeding facility, but love for our dogs is the key. These are the ingredients that make our breeding programme – which has been passed on from mother to daughter – unique.

We attach great importance to a personalised and expert approach. Trust and quality are at the top of our list.

The attributes of the White Swiss Shepherd

The White Swiss Shepherd has that typical white wolf look and a warm disposition. He is affectionate and reliable. He is the ideal family dog. In addition, he is:

  • a stable watchdog
  • absolutely child-friendly
  • calm indoors
  • enthusiastic and athletic
  • sensitive and highly intelligent
  • suitable as a guide dog for the blind
  • a perfect walking companion
  • an excellent therapy dog
  • an ideal sport companion.

The characteristics of our White Swiss Shepherds

After years of strict selection, and due to our personal preference, our dogs look much like the white Arctic wolf, but they remain pure White Swiss Shepherds, with an ideal disposition. We carefully comply with the FCI standards for this breed:

  • almond-shaped brown to dark brown eyes
  • pitch-black pigmentation
  • an exceptionally good disposition
  • well-balanced proportions
  • supple and harmonious movements
  • straight, upright ears.