White Swiss shepherd puppy

Active friendly shepherd

White Swiss shepherd puppy

The white shepherd is an active and gentle dog; he’s quite calm which makes him different from the Border Collie.

He likes walking, running and doing sports, but when back home, he becomes a sweet and calm dog again, happy to get together with the family. A good education is essential because the Swiss white shepherd understands very quickly what he can and cannot do. When well educated, he becomes a brave family dog who wants to please everyone.

The Swiss White Shepherd puppy is particularly intelligent. He is easy to train and can become a guide dog.

Healthy and of good character

White Swiss shepherd puppy

A professional breeder is aware that teaching the rules from birth will make his puppies behave properly with good manners, which will greatly ease his dogs’ future education.

The puppy will become a medium-sized dog who loves to be outside and walk with you. Since he doesn’t have a hunting instinct, he can easily be let loose without a leash during your nature walks, which are essential for both his physical and mental health.

At Linde’s White Wolves, the dogs’ health and character are particularly important.  White shepherd puppies are socialized from the moment they were born.

As soon as their age permit, puppies go out for walks and play in nature. These are occasions for them to learn good manners, not only thanks to the intervention of the breeder but also through interactions within the puppies group.

That is essential to make them sociable and well-balanced family dogs.

White Swiss Sheepdogs available

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