White shepherd puppy

Striking beauty

White shepherd puppy

All puppies are cute but the beautiful white shepherd puppies have even more to offer: they capture attention not only with their immaculate fur, almond-shaped black eyes, black nose and splendid stature, but also with their vitality, curiosity and kindness.

A well socialized puppy from a professional breeding place should come directly to you and spontaneously offer you his friendship.

Linde’s White Wolves is specialised in raising this unique breed. From their very first day, puppies are trained to develop their confidence in humans and their affectionate character.

Just as his ancestor the German Shepherd, the white Swiss Shepherd is very clever and

Partially refitted

White shepherd puppy

A professional breeder should teach puppies good habits from the first day so that they are partially educated when they leave their birth place.

A White Shepherd puppy leaving Linde’s White Wolves’ place is almost clean, which is undoubtedly convenient.  He follows you wherever you go, he’s playful and sweet but he has already been taught not to bite your hands and jump on you. Of course, in his new family, his new teacher will have to continue socializing and educating him.

Linde is a breeder with a big heart and is at your disposal to help you play your new role as a dog master.

White Swiss Sheepdogs available

Linde’s White Wolves is centrally located for both national and international customers. Our farm is located in the backyard of Pairi Daiza, just 1 hour from Brussels Airport and 2 hours from Calais or the UK. We are happy to speak to you in Dutch, French, English and Spanish.

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