White shepherd dog puppy

Striking beauty

White Swiss shepherd puppy

Because of his gentle and affectionate character, the white Swiss shepherd is the ideal family dog: he is not loyal to just one single master like the Malinois, he is also kind and docile with all the family members, including children.

From his first to his last day, he will remain a trustworthy family dog, which is not always the case with his ancestor, the German shepherd. Professionally bred, the white Swiss shepherd puppy will not only be beautiful and gentle, but will also remain in very good health.

Great passion for dogs

White Swiss shepherd puppy

Thanks to her alternative and natural breeding, Linde’s White Wolves has improved these qualities. Her great passion for dogs, especially the Swiss white shepherd, allows Linde to raise healthy puppies with the typical shape of the magnificent white wolf.

These ‘white wolf cubs’ should be raised with much affection in order to be well-balanced with a very stable character and a good self-confidence that will make them very friendly family dogs.

White Swiss Sheepdogs available

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