White shepherd breeder

Breeding dogs is not difficult, good dogs are!

White shepherd breeder

Breeding dogs is not particularly difficult, but giving birth to healthy and good dogs is a whole different story! There are various types of breeders: amateurs, good breeders and professional breeders.  To be sure of the quality of the dog you choose, it is imperative to turn to a professional breeder.

There are not that many and they can be easily identified on the basis of several criteria:

Each breeder has a preference for a specific breed that he has thoroughly studied and knows by heart. This is essential to ensure good practice breeding and, through appropriate selection, improve the advantageous characteristics of the breed and eliminate imperfections.

This is the passion for a breed – in this case the white Swiss shepherd – that naturally leads to a specialization which will guarantee getting puppies with an excellent character, robust health and unique beauty.

These dogs will not only be splendid family dogs but they will also be entitled to take part in dog contests or be used as reproducers by other professional breeders. This is how a breed is improved and perfected.

Best nutrition

White shepherd breeder

It is crucial for the health and beauty of the white shepherd. A professional breeder will give his dogs the best possible food, regardless of the price, even if it is considerably more expensive than standard food. That will impact on future generations who, in turn, will give birth to well-balanced and healthy dogs.

The breeder will share his knowledge with the puppy’s new owner to make sure he stays healthy and can grow up in good conditions.

Love and wellbeing

White shepherd breeder

White Swiss shepherds have the peculiarity of wanting to be as close as possible to their masters. This is also true when they live with their breeder.  A professional breeder always tries to keep in touch with his dogs: the dogs often enter the house where they are cuddled, they do not live alone, they go for regular walks and they are clearly happy.

A true professional raises his puppies with affection and takes care of them. He spends his day caring for them, educating them, socializing the puppies and also takes care of their parents. A true professional will be anxious to find a loving family for his puppies.

Linde is a true professional who meets all these demanding criteria which has made her well known all over the world and allows her to maintain good relations with other professional breeders in other countries in order to introduce new lines.

White Swiss Sheepdogs available

Linde’s White Wolves is centrally located for both national and international customers. Our farm is located in the backyard of Pairi Daiza, just 1 hour from Brussels Airport and 2 hours from Calais or the UK. We are happy to speak to you in Dutch, French, English and Spanish.

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