The white Swiss shepherd

The ideal friend in the family

The white Swiss shepherd

The white shepherd dog belongs to the sheepdog’s breed in which he distinguishes himself by his magnificent white fur.  His very gentle character makes him the ideal dog for a family.

Originally, as a descendant from the German Shepherd who had to be black or brown, the white shepherd did not meet his breed’s standards. The idea of breeding exclusively white shepherds was born in Canada a few decades ago and that is how this new breed developed.

As Switzerland was the first to apply to the Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI) for official recognition of the breed, the White Shepherd is now also known as the ‘White Swiss Shepherd’.

Raised with care

The white Swiss shepherd

It was very soon noticed that white shepherds were much gentler than their ancestors, the German shepherds. Is it due to the apparent softness of their splendid white fur or is it a quirk of nature? Nobody knows. Whatever the answer, the white shepherd quickly became the typical family dog. Linde is a professional breeder who specialized in this unique breed.

At Linde’s White Wolves’ breeding place, a true passion for these sensitive and smart dogs has grown from one generation to another. Love and knowledge have been transmitted from mother to daughter to create a breeding place where reproducers are constantly selected on the basis of health, character and, of course, beauty. Today, Linde’s White Wolves is known as a top breeding place, specialised in this unique breed whose puppies are officially recognized by a Saint-Hubert pedigree.

White Swiss Sheepdogs available

Linde’s White Wolves is centrally located for both national and international customers. Our farm is located in the backyard of Pairi Daiza, just 1 hour from Brussels Airport and 2 hours from Calais or the UK. We are happy to speak to you in Dutch, French, English and Spanish.

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