Adopt a white shepherd


Adopt a white shepherd

Be aware that adopting a white shepherd means accepting great responsibilities. You are about to welcome a living being, a very sensitive dog with his own needs and desires. He will quickly become attached to ‘his’ family and will do everything he can to be close to them as often as possible.

A serious breeder wants you to spend time with your dog and take him for a walk. At the very least, the white shepherd will be able to live in the house when you are there and will have a garden where he can go out when you leave or for the night when you are asleep.

The white shepherd dog is, among all breeds, one of the most sensitive dogs and is sometimes qualified ‘high-sensitive’.  This is an advantage because he is very smart and easy to train, but it takes patience to teach him what he can or cannot do. Forget getting angry or shouting!

Gentle disposition

Adopt a white shepherd

A white shepherd cannot be compared to a Malinois: he has a gentle character, is not aggressive and will do everything he can to contribute to harmony within the family.

Last but not least, the white shepherd is a healthy dog who wants to stay healthy; it is thus essential to offer him quality food.

At Linde’s White Wolves, we love our animals very much and we encourage future masters of white shepherds to think carefully before adopting one of our dogs.

White Swiss Sheepdogs available

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